Murray Walker, my first motoring hero

“Three lights, four lights, five laps… pause… GO! GO! GO!” Is there a more iconic voice in all of sport’s broadcasting? I don’t think so. Murray Walker’s charismatic voice was the soundtrack to my childhood. Some of my earliest memories are sat in front of the TV on a Sunday playing with my toy carsContinue reading “Murray Walker, my first motoring hero”

Why electric motorsport will never replace internal combustion engined racing

There are 5 basic human senses. Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. For people to get excited about something, at least one of these senses has to be stimulated. The real excitement however, comes when more than one sense is stimulated. Picture this. You’ve just parked the car in the car park of your favouriteContinue reading “Why electric motorsport will never replace internal combustion engined racing”

Cadwell Park Track Day – 28/07/20

This should have been my third track day of 2020 but here we are, more than half the year already behind us and I’ve just completed my first. I can’t tell you how eager I’ve been to get back out on track, it was late last year at Anglesey since I was last out. FirstContinue reading “Cadwell Park Track Day – 28/07/20”