Make Lancia great again… or kill it

The death of an automotive manufacturer usually comes in one of two ways. The likes of Duesenberg, Marcos and TVR, all stayed true to their core values right to the very end. Their final efforts just as desirable as their first. Sadly however, it’s far more common for a manufacturer to fizzle out with aContinue reading “Make Lancia great again… or kill it”

Ferrari V12: Victim of Legislation or the Petrol Head’s Last Stand?

For a petrol head, the future has been looking bleak for some time now. Constant vilifying of the internal combustion engine has culminated in a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel-fuelled cars by 2030 onwards, at least in the UK. Who knows what the future holds after that. Will the seemingly illogical pushContinue reading “Ferrari V12: Victim of Legislation or the Petrol Head’s Last Stand?”