Crash, Bang, Wallop! My motoring mishaps. Part 1

Judging by the massive popularity of dashcam crash footage on YouTube, everyone loves a good fail. Not one to shy away from transparency, I’m going to share a few of my own epic fails from years gone by. The first incident goes back to when I was a bored, mischievous 15 year old with myContinue reading “Crash, Bang, Wallop! My motoring mishaps. Part 1”

Rolling my car at Knockhill

Colin McRae is often quoted as saying “If in doubt, flat out.” That’s incredibly fitting when you’re behind the wheel of a 109bhp hatchback and you’re sharing a race track with a Huracan Performante, McLaren 570S and a Fireblade engined go kart on steroids. The closing speed on the straights can be alarming and youContinue reading “Rolling my car at Knockhill”