2022 fuel price crisis: why I don’t feel sorry for some people

The cost of living has been spiralling out of control in recent months and motorists especially, have been hit hard. Diesel has hit the dizzying heights of over £2 a litre in places and petrol isn’t far behind. Taking this into consideration, you’d think people at the lower end of the financial spectrum would beContinue reading “2022 fuel price crisis: why I don’t feel sorry for some people”

Make Lancia great again… or kill it

The death of an automotive manufacturer usually comes in one of two ways. The likes of Duesenberg, Marcos and TVR, all stayed true to their core values right to the very end. Their final efforts just as desirable as their first. Sadly however, it’s far more common for a manufacturer to fizzle out with aContinue reading “Make Lancia great again… or kill it”

Range Rover Classic – Review

By all measurable factors, the Range Rover Classic is one of the worst cars I’ve ever driven. If I was conducting a normal review for your average consumer, that first sentence would be all that’s needed to steer them away from this old British armchair and into something different. A combination of poor build quality,Continue reading “Range Rover Classic – Review”

Audi A2 1.4 TDI – Long term review

There’s things in life that you can’t stand but you equally can’t do without. My girlfriend occasionally falls into this category when she can’t seem to keep the house tidy. Every time I see empty ASOS bags stuffed into a drawer or the laundry basket overflowing, it fills me with a rage that is onlyContinue reading “Audi A2 1.4 TDI – Long term review”

Ford Focus ST225 review

Before I’d even seen the car I’d nicknamed it the blue whale. A play on the blue oval of Ford, it’s colour and it’s porky weight. In all honesty, I didn’t expect much from the Focus, my last outing in a Ford ST product was spent picking up bits of engine on the M5 afterContinue reading “Ford Focus ST225 review”

Crash, Bang, Wallop! My motoring mishaps. Part 1

Judging by the massive popularity of dashcam crash footage on YouTube, everyone loves a good fail. Not one to shy away from transparency, I’m going to share a few of my own epic fails from years gone by. The first incident goes back to when I was a bored, mischievous 15 year old with myContinue reading “Crash, Bang, Wallop! My motoring mishaps. Part 1”

FN2 Honda Civic Type R – Early ownership review

On setting out to find a replacement track car for my rolled Suzuki Ignis Sport, (see a previous blog for that story) I had a certain criteria the new car needed to meet. Naturally aspirated, practical (space for spare tyres etc), cheap to maintain, solid platform to modify, good aftermarket support and around £3000 toContinue reading “FN2 Honda Civic Type R – Early ownership review”

Renault Sport Clio 200 review: Driving the enemy

The car community is one of the most inclusive, accommodating and friendly groups you will ever come across. People from all walks of life come together for the love anything with four wheels and an engine. Saying that, in certain corners of this diverse society, there are constant feuds between rival factions. Some supporting oneContinue reading “Renault Sport Clio 200 review: Driving the enemy”

Murray Walker, my first motoring hero

“Three lights, four lights, five laps… pause… GO! GO! GO!” Is there a more iconic voice in all of sport’s broadcasting? I don’t think so. Murray Walker’s charismatic voice was the soundtrack to my childhood. Some of my earliest memories are sat in front of the TV on a Sunday playing with my toy carsContinue reading “Murray Walker, my first motoring hero”

Morgan Plus Four Review & Day hire experience

Morgan has always been a bit of a curiosity to me. I love their traditional, old school styling and I have a massive respect for their hand built manufacturing processes and the skills of their craftsmen. Anything that’s had the heart and soul of real people poured into bespoke products is a winner for meContinue reading “Morgan Plus Four Review & Day hire experience”