The next track car?

For those of you that have been following me on the website or my Instagram account, you’ll probably know what happened to my previous track car. In short, for those who don’t, it ended up on its roof at Knockhill. If you haven’t already, check out my blog where I go through what happened. TheContinue reading “The next track car?”

Buying a Jaguar in 1993

I often wonder the thoughts of Mr. Kent, the original owner of my car, when he was on his way to the dealership to collect his brand new Jaguar XJ Sovereign. What must it have been like buying into a company that was going through a bit of a resurgence? Every manufacturer has their goldenContinue reading “Buying a Jaguar in 1993”

All the Best Car Designs have Already Been Made

It’s been said before that all the best songs have already been written. When Freddie Mercury wrote the masterpiece Bohemian Rhapsody, he was free to be as creative as his thoughts could take him. Never before had someone mixed opera into a rock song that went on for nearly 6 minutes. The result was aContinue reading “All the Best Car Designs have Already Been Made”

Can your cars Instagram account increase its value?

Whether you’re buying a performance car, a classic or even just a run of the mill daily driver, a big file of bills, receipts and documentation is imperative in checking a car’s history to make sure you’re not buying a shed. Seeing all the stamps in the service book is bare minimum, finding old MOTContinue reading “Can your cars Instagram account increase its value?”

Smart motorways, a deadly mistake

I’ll start this off by telling you a rather uncomfortable experience I had a few years ago on the M40 near Coventry. My own uncomfortable experience It was a bitterly cold December and my Dad was giving me a lift to London so I could complete in the annual British indoor rowing championships at theContinue reading “Smart motorways, a deadly mistake”

Ferrari V12: Victim of Legislation or the Petrol Head’s Last Stand?

For a petrol head, the future has been looking bleak for some time now. Constant vilifying of the internal combustion engine has culminated in a ban on the sale of petrol and diesel-fuelled cars by 2030 onwards, at least in the UK. Who knows what the future holds after that. Will the seemingly illogical pushContinue reading “Ferrari V12: Victim of Legislation or the Petrol Head’s Last Stand?”

You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Enjoy Cars

At the time of writing, the UK government are going to announce a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. That’s less than a decade away. It’s scary to think that something that has been part of our lives for well over one hundred years, is beginning its final chapter.Continue reading “You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Enjoy Cars”

The World’s Most Reliable Cars

If someone put a gun to your head and said you can pick only one car for the rest of your life and if it breaks down they’ll pull the trigger, what would you buy? There are a few trains of thought on this one, how many of you would go for a new carContinue reading “The World’s Most Reliable Cars”

Are the Traditional Supercar Manufacturers being Left Behind?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll probably be aware of the shit storm that got kicked up over the past week or so, surrounding the two way average of 316mph and a peak of 331mph in a top speed record by the SSC Tuatara. The idea for this blog came from the beliefContinue reading “Are the Traditional Supercar Manufacturers being Left Behind?”

Are Car Brands Selling Out and Ditching Their Historic Core Values?

When Ferrari stop building a naturally aspirated, front engined, rear wheel drive V12, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are truly on their way… I recently published a blog looking at the history of Citroën and how a few decades ago they were innovators in automotive technology and design. Each new model would build onContinue reading “Are Car Brands Selling Out and Ditching Their Historic Core Values?”