Can your cars Instagram account increase its value?

Whether you’re buying a performance car, a classic or even just a run of the mill daily driver, a big file of bills, receipts and documentation is imperative in checking a car’s history to make sure you’re not buying a shed. Seeing all the stamps in the service book is bare minimum, finding old MOT certificates and receipts for other repairs or preventative maintenance is always encouraging and is a good indicator on how well the previous owners have cared for the car. But what about an Instagram account?

My own Instagram account, where I post regularly about my cars

Getting with the times

Many people these days have Instagram accounts purely dedicated to their pride an joy. Some focusing on documenting a restoration, some on road trips and others just daily life with that particular vehicle. Many of these accounts have thousands of followers and like a celebrity, those followers will know a lot about the car without having ever seen it in the metal.

My question is, should we now start taking notice of these Instagram accounts when making a second hand purchase? Thanks to dates, pictures and descriptions of events in the cars life, does this actually add value compared to a car without?


I think a lot comes down to honesty. As I’m sure we’re all aware, celebrities and influencers plaster their best life across social media, while behind the scenes, their private lives may be falling apart. The same could apply for a car. Hidden rust, dodgy repairs or the fact engines have been bounced off the limiter from cold every morning, are all things that the owner could keep hidden from the internet. On the whole I’d say most people won’t go to the effort of uploading pictures of their cars without having a love for the machine that extends to mechanical sympathy and basic maintenance but it’s something to consider.

Installing Dynamat

What can it tell you?

Spending time looking through the Instagram account of a car you’re looking to buy, could reveal interesting bits of information about the car that the seller has not included in the advert. Has it had work or modifications done to it? Where was this work carried out? Finding out quality parts have been installed by a reputable mechanic can save you money and give you piece of mind it’s not been bodged together with cable ties on someone’s driveway.

It could also reveal why they’re selling it. Has it been giving them problems for a while? Have they bought something else and fell out of love with it? Has it left them stranded somewhere and they’ve posted the compulsory picture of the car on the back of a recovery truck? That’s the thing with the internet, it doesn’t lie. If you’ve not scrolled down though your history and deleted posts you later regret, it’s all there for the world to see!

When I had the sound system fitted in the Jag

What does the community say?

One of the very best things about social media is that it connects like minded people from all over the world to chat and share their hobbies and interests freely. Seeking knowledge, advice and those hard to find parts has never been easier. For anyone who’s owned any car of interest, they’ll know about online clubs and forums dedicated to that particular model. They can be an invaluable resource on many aspects of ownership but also to provide a warning to unsuspecting punters getting ripped off. Forwarding a cars Instagram account to a mechanic, an expert or a member of the community, could help them asses the car from a distance. Do they know someone in the trade that’s worked on it? Do they know a previous or current owner? Do they know what sort of a life it’s led? I’ve seen it before where a potential buyer has managed to gain information on the car that even the current owner was oblivious to. The first owner could have used it on track days, sold it on to the second buyer who hadn’t a clue about this and advertised the car as “never raced or rallied!”

Tracking down that perfect car

Some of us know exactly what we want when we see it. You won’t be alone looking at some beautiful shots of that rare, well kept classic you’ve been following on Instagram for a while and thinking “I wonder how much they’ll take for it?” Well, some have been brave enough to “slide in their DM’s” and make a genuine offer. As we’ve stated previously, there’s a wealth of information available for you and if it all checks out, you could be the new owner of that Instagram famous car!

Taking the big cat back home

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to know what you think about this topic. Has an Instagram account influenced a car purchase you have made? Or do you not trust people to paint the full picture in their posts?

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